Your data, our promise

How we will use your smartbox data: our customer charter

With our young driver policy, we use smartbox technology to help us provide cheaper premiums to young drivers who drive safely.

If you’d like to know what information is collected and what is done with it, here are the promises we make when we start using smartbox data:

  • we will not use the data to decline your claim just because you were speeding or driving late at night
  • we will use the data to help us identify and decline fraudulent claims, for example if another driver makes false claims which our data can then refute
  • data which directly relates to you, such as your name, address and vehicle registration, will be removed from data used by us or our partners ThingCo for non-insurance purposes (such as traffic analysis)
  • we will only pass data to the police or other civil authorities if required by law or if the data indicates evidence of fraud, attempted fraud or other criminal activity
  • data will only be supplied to service providers who are contractually required to maintain its confidentiality.