Our contents insurance covers accidental damage to some items as standard.

For example, accidental damage caused to:

  • televisions
  • audio equipment
  • video equipment
  • games consoles
  • computer equipment
  • glass in furniture, fish tanks and mirrors
  • ceramics in hobs.

What’s not covered as standard

Portable items such as:

  • smartphones
  • laptops
  • tablets.

You can add personal possessions cover to your insurance to cover portable items against loss or accidental damage.

We define accidental damage as:

physical damage caused suddenly by an external event that's unexpected and not deliberate.

For example:

  • we would cover a television damaged by falling off the wall
  • we would not cover a television that had suffered an internal fault.

Adding optional cover

Optional accidental damage cover insures you against, for example:

  • spilling paint on your carpet or furniture
  • dropping an ornament.

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