Pet insurance that covers complementary treatments

There’s more to animal healthcare than traditional treatments and medicines. So, to make sure your pet can get its paws on a wide variety of remedies, we’ve included cover for complementary treatment as standard in all our pet insurance policies – it forms part of the overall veterinary fee limit you choose.

Complementary treatments and alternative medicines covered

There are many different complementary treatments and alternative medicines for pets, and Co-op Pet Insurance will provide cover for lots of them. Treatments covered include acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, herbal medicine, osteopathy and hydrotherapy.

To make sure your pet gets the most appropriate treatment for their injury or illness, it’s important to get professional guidance. That’s why we ask that your vet refers your pet for the treatment you claim for and can confirm it’s needed to treat the injury or illness in question. By making sure your pet is getting the right treatment, we hope to get them back to their normal selves as soon as possible.

Benefits offered by complementary treatments

 In the same way that complementary treatments can help humans, they can play an important part for pets in relieving pain, preventing future problems and accelerating their recovery programmes.

Arthritis, for example, is a common condition in older dogs and cats, and hydrotherapy can form part of an effective treatment plan. This is what the Animal Trust charity says about how it can help dogs: ‘Rehabilitative treatments for dogs with arthritis, such as hydrotherapy, can help support with weight loss and encourage your pet to get active while taking the pressure off their joints.

‘Hydrotherapy works by placing your dog on an underwater treadmill, which sits within a four-sided glass chamber. The buoyancy enables them to walk without carrying their full body weight. The hydrostatic pressure of the warm water also helps to reduce swelling and gently helps to build muscle as your pet exercises in the chamber. ’

Co-op Pet Insurance will cover your pet for up to 10 sessions of hydrotherapy in each policy year.

We want our pet insurance to help put a spring in your cat’s step and a wag in your dog’s tail. Complementary treatments and alternative medicines offer an extra dimension to animal healthcare and we think they can promote good health and provide faster returns to fitness after injury or illness. That’s why we’ve included cover for them as standard for all our customers.

If you’re thinking about taking out insurance for your pet, then have a look at how we could help – you can check out our whole range of covers available and get a quote online from Co-op Pet Insurance. When exploring the options, don’t forget that our policies don’t cover pre-existing conditions.

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