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Brits think they're good neighbours

The 2020 Good Neighbour Guide report from Co-op Insurance and Neighbourhood Watch has revealed that nearly all Brits thinks they're good neighbours.

The third annual study has allowed us to take a look through the keyhole into neighbour behaviour, revealing what really makes a good neighbour.

Brits think they're good neighbours

The results present us as a neighbourly nation – we think we’re great neighbours. In fact…

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of homeowners and renters think they get on better with their neighbours now than they did five years ago.


of people believe they are good neighbours.

But are we really, truly good neighbours?

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But are we really, truly good neighbours?

Do we think we’re good neighbours because our neighbours would rather not have a dispute? Do we adopt the age-old British approach of smiling on the surface, yet complaining behind closed doors?

Using the report, alongside results from a survey of Co-op members on what makes a good neighbour, we have created some top tips on how to truly be a good neighbour.

This goes beyond doing the day to day neighbourly activities, it provides a reminder on how to strengthen meaningful relationships between neighbours, to bring a little bit of community to the street you live on.


of homeowners and renters in the UK have never had a disagreement with their neighbours

Our top tips for being a good neighbour

Good Neighbour

Look out for each other

In particular, keep an eye out on your neighbours’ home, especially when they’re out or on holiday. Tell each other when you’re going to be away, and be ready to help in sticky situations.

Look out for each other
Look out for each other


Almost two thirds (65%) of UK homeowners and renters think that good neighbours take in parcels on their behalf when they aren't home

Saving lives

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"They saved my dads's life."

"My dad had a stroke three years ago at home whilst my mum was away. Their neighbours noticed the curtains were still drawn in the bedroom. They rang the landline and doorbell but no answer. They couldn’t get hold of my Mum. They noticed the bedroom window was open and got a ladder to climb up and look through the window. They climbed into the bedroom and called an ambulance. They saved my dad’s life."

Be sociable and friendly

Welcome new neighbours to the community by introducing yourself and giving some advice, or tips on the local area.

You don’t have to be best friends, but it’s always good to be warm and friendly – and who knows? Neighbours really could become good friends…



know their neighbours by name, with 35% saying that they are good friends


say they would like to be friendlier with their neighbours


Neighbour Inspiration

"I was going through a tough time and one of my neighbours was looking out for me."

"I was going through a rough time as a new single parent of a toddler, just separated from my wife. One neighbour kept inviting me around for drinks and a BBQ, so I got adult company. Plus, he often helped out with the garden. I miss living next door to him. We are still in touch."

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Be practically helpful

Take in parcels or post and help out when it’s time to put bins out. If you’ve got the skills, help those who may find certain tasks challenging, like gardening, shopping, or DIY.

Shopping Shopping


44% of UK homeowners and renters helped their neighbours during lockdown by dropping off shopping and essential supplies

Helping others

Neighbour Inspiration

"Our neighbour helps everyone on our estate"

"Our neighbour helps everyone on our small estate, from cutting grass, laying paving stones, to making gardens safe for elderly people."

Be kind, caring and respectful

Be thoughtful, think about your neighbours and the impact you have on them in the way you act. Be friendly – but stay away from nosey tendencies. And be courteous when it comes to simple things like noise levels and parking spaces.

Respectful Respectful


homeowners and renters in London have had a party at home, where they have played loud music after 11pm.

Most irritating things about neighbours:



Where they park their car



Their Dog Barking



Them being very noisy

Building Blocks

Neighbourly behaviour has always been the building blocks of the community. From having somone over for a cup of tea, to helping out with odd jobs, taking steps to become more neighbourly can make the communities we live in stronger, safer, and happier.

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