How to best protect your home

Tips on how to protect your home

There really is no place like home… That feeling you get when you turn the key in the door of your first home… Our homes are our sanctuaries and if there’s anywhere you should feel safe it’s at home. With the nights drawing in and getting darker earlier, peak season for burglaries is upon us. Here’s our top tips on how best to protect your home this Winter.


Invest in a good alarm system

Burglaries often happen in homes without a security system. You can choose to fit an alarm yourself or arrange for a professional to install it for you but try to ensure that your alarm is BSI Kitemark endorsed.

Alongside the more traditional ways of securing your home such as latches and locks, ERA , who work in partnership with Neighbourhood Watch, have a range of smart home alarms and intercom systems that add a further layer of protection to your home to deter a would be burglar.

Having a house alarm could even reduce your insurance premium provided it’s a working alarm approved, installed and serviced with a firm approved by the National Security Inspectorate or Security and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB).


Keep the light shining

With it getting darker earlier in the evening, it’s a prime opportunity for burglars to strike. Under the cover of darkness, it makes it more difficult to spot an intruder.

Consider installing motion-sensing outdoor lights around the perimeter of your house to stop prowlers in their tracks. A motion-activated security light can surprise and disorient the intruder, in addition to warding them off in the first place. A burglar would not want to break into your house if it’s going to put them in the spotlight.


Ensure you’re protected should the worst happen

Having home insurance means you’re protected should the worst happen. With Co-op Contents Insurance your contents are covered against theft both inside and out, as it includes loss or damage whilst they’re in your home, the garden*, or outbuildings such as sheds, garages, or greenhouses.

For further advice and tools to help protect your family and your home from thieves, take a look at our friends at Neighbourhood Watch burglary prevention checklist.

* Excludes high risk items. ERA products and services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Co-op Home Insurance is promoted by Co-op Insurance Services Limited (CISL) and provided by a select panel of insurers. CISL is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and appears on the Financial Services Register under number 779364