How to Entertain Your Pet

Now it’s January and the weather tends to keep us indoors it’s helpful to have new ideas about how to entertain your pet.

Pets often happily entertain themselves but sometimes it’s useful to have some ideas up your sleeve to keep them happy. Here are some ideas to keep your pet engaged and having fun.

Entertain your cat…

Treasure hunt

Stash toys around the house to keep your cat interested throughout the day. It’s a good idea to rotate them to maintain interest. Your Co-op Insurance hamper will help with that! Interactive toys and ones which make a noise can be especially enticing.

Hide cat treats

Your cat will love hunting and foraging for treats. Leaving dishes and puzzle toys containing dry food around the house can be a good way to keep your cat from eating too much and gaining weight.

Vertical challenge

Cats love exploring – the higher up the better (as long as it’s safe). Put some furniture near a window and remove breakables so they can explore.


If you’re not home you can get your pet’s attention if you get a pet camera with a talk feature. It’s fun to see what they get up to when you’re not around and they’ll enjoy hearing your voice. With some you can even record funny moments to watch later.

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are a cheap way to keep your cat entertained. They are easy to come by, cheap and can be replaced if (when) they get damaged.


Cats love chasing a light on the wall and it can be an entertaining watch.

Scratching posts

Provide scratching posts for your cat. You can find these at your local pet shop. They should be placed in prominent positions at different angles.


Some cats don’t enjoy them but for some they will approach you for cuddles and like to sit on your knee.


Entertain your dog…


Give the dog a variety of toys and rotate them to keep their interest.


Make a list of tricks you want your dog to learn and teach them something every day. They could shake your hand, jump over you, find an object and play dead. This will give them mental stimulation and tire them out. It will also be rewarding and help your dog to be better behaved as they will be better at listening to you.


Taking a walk will give your dog mental and physical stimulation. It’s also good to get out yourself in the open air.


Try setting up an obstacle course using different household items. You can teach your dog to jump over pillows, weave through table legs or run through a homemade tunnel for a reward.


Leave the radio on when you go out which will help distract your dog from noises outside the house. You could even go one step further and look at the pet playlist function from Spotify ( which builds a playlist based on your pet’s personality and your music taste.

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