Keeping Fit During Winter 

Winter has well and truly arrived and the struggle to keep fit has been heightened by lockdown, tiers and quarantines. However, there are plenty of things you can do to avoid piling on the pounds pre-Christmas. 

Wasked Manchester based Personal Trainer, Ben Baxter, for his top tips to keep fit now the gyms have shut their doors: 

Have a structure 

Before you even think about exercising, implement a structure to your day.  Without structure, it’s easy to find yourself unorganised and demotivated. Try keeping to a regular routine – if this means early to bed and early to rise during the week then so be it. The minute your daily routine goes out the window, the sooner you’ll start to feel unproductive and lethargic.

Eat properly 

I know, what a cliché! A personal trainer telling you to eat properly. That said, do you think loading your body with lots of unhealthy food choices will make you feel better? It’s very easy to feel negative right now and a poor diet will compound this. Don’t just eat well because it will make you look better, eat well because it will make you feel better. A great idea is to track your calories using apps like My Fitness Pal as this can help with structure and organisation and prevent needless snacking and overindulging.  

Get some snaps 

Before and after pictures are some of the best ways to track progress. Now more than ever you should be tracking your progress, how else will you know how well you’re doing? Ignore the scales as they can tell a false story which can cause needless frustration, leading to depression and anxiety.  

Have something to look forward to 

During the winter months it is difficult to exercise, it’s cold and gloomy and easy to abandon all hope of a Summer bodyHaving smaller short-term goals helps with our mental health. Healthy mind, healthy body! Aim to have something to look forward to within the coming weeks, maybe a quiz night with friends or a zoom party? 

Dance to the beat 

 We burn calories simply by being active. Find reasons to move. Stand don’t sit, move around the house, go for daily walks etc. If you’re going to exercise, get some decent music on the go. You’re not in a gym so you have your pick of the tunes. Get some classic playlists on the go and enjoy yourself. Take on me…take me home…. 

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