Top tips for lush lawns and blooming pot plants

A little love goes a long way when it comes to looking after your lawn and tending to your pot plants. It’s also a great way to unwind during the brighter summer months. So, here’s how to keep your grass green and your pot plants bursting with colour.


Regular mowing

It’s one of those jobs that can easily slide down the to-do list. But slotting your lawn in for a regular trim promotes strong growth and encourages the roots to spread. This will leave you with a healthier and stronger lawn, and make it more difficult for weeds like dandelions to establish themselves.

You might end up cutting the grass more often, but mowing a well-trimmed lawn is a lot easier than fighting your way through six weeks of summer growth.


Fed and watered

We enjoyed fabulous spring and summer weather last year, and hopefully there’s more sunshine on the way. If you don’t get rain for a few days, watering your lawn with a hose or a sprinkler will help keep it in tip-top condition. But if you can’t and it goes brown, don’t worry – it’ll soon green up again when the rain comes.

Feeding your lawn with an organic fertiliser from spring to mid-summer will also give it a boost. In general, do this when rain is on the way, to prevent burning the leaf blades and to ensure the nutrients find their way down to the roots.


Give your grass the edge

Edging your lawn will add a little bit of time to your mowing routine, but it’s well worth the extra few minutes. Whether you use an electric strimmer or manual shears, a crisp, clean edge will smarten your lawn up immediately and give your whole garden a real lift.


Pots in bloom

Outside pot plants are also a great way to give doorways, patios, balconies and windows a new lease of life. Make sure there’s enough room for plants to grow in their pots, and take time to find a spot that affords each plant the right amount of light or shade.

Most pot plants prefer well-drained soil. Pots with holes in the bottom will let excess water run out and stop roots rotting. Pot plants also tend to dry out quickly, especially in warm weather, so regular watering will stop them getting thirsty.


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