Keep Them Calm and Return to Work: Managing Pet Anxiety

While most struggled through the lockdowns, there’s one group that really thrived; our pets. Now restrictions have eased, some of us may soon be leaving our homes behind to return to the office.

How will your pet fare without you? If this is something you are concerned about read on to find some top tips on how you can alleviate their separation anxiety. 

Review your morning routine. 

Having a routine, you can stick to once you’ve returned to work, is key in minimising the anxiety your pet experiences. Take your pet for a brisk walk before you set off for work each morning. Try to make the walk as fast paced or lengthy as you can so they are worn out by the time they return home. 

Begin to introduce some downtime. 

During lockdown we’ve all had more time to dote on our pets and take the opportunity to have that extra cuddle on the sofa.  However, this level of attention could increase the anxiety they feel when you are no longer with them. To help with the transition, try introducing some  downtime to make managing new changes that little  bit easier.  

Create a ‘leaving’ regime. 

Dogs are creatures of habit and sensitive to repeated routines. Creating a ‘leaving’ regime lets your dog know you’re leaving the house and helps to settle them. Practise your routine so they get used to the triggers that mean you’re leaving. 

Play some sound. 

Leaving the tv or the radio on is a great way of helping your dog to relax and feel less alone. It may help to introduce this as part of your new ‘leaving’ routine 

Naturally certain breeds are more prone to separation anxiety than others. However, if you follow the above steps (or as many of them as possible) this will help greatly to reduce the amount of anxiety felt by your pet when you return to your normal routine.