Meet Bobo

Back in September, Molly, Campaign Support at Co-op Insurance adopted a three-legged rescue dog. As part of a new feature on The Hub, we’ll be catching up with Bobo each month to find out how he’s getting on in his fur-ever home.

Meet Bobo…

Bobo is a 2-year-old Macedonian Shepherd crossbreed. We’re unsure what he’s crossed with, but it was definitely a much smaller dog as Bobo only weighs 15kg (compared to a whopping 45kg!). He’s also a tripawd, which means he only has three legs. He lost one of his front legs in a car accident in Macedonia, before being rescued by Wolfies Legacy – a charity that helps rehabilitate and rehome disabled dogs.

Tell us about Bobo’s first week?  

When Bobo first arrived at our home, he was overwhelmed, skittish and kept himself to himself. Bobo is our second rescue dog, so we knew this was to be expected. When you rescue a dog, you have no idea of what they’ve been through. It’s important to be patient and give them all the time they need to get used to their new surroundings.

Slowly but surely, he began to come out of shell. In just a week, the difference in him was huge. Bobo became more and more confident and playful with every passing day.

Even going to the vets was a doddle. It was his first check up and luckily, he was given a clean bill of health. However, it’s worth noting that vet bills can be incredibly costly, so it’s recommended that you consider pet insurance for your new dog. Pet insurance can protect you from the cost of treating your dog should they suffer from an illness or get injured in an accident and need treatment from a vet.

And how has he been getting on since?

It’s safe to say he’s settled in just fine. It’s been seven weeks since we adopted him and he’s a different dog compared to the shy, timid boy he was when we first got him.

While beef and tummy rubs come pretty close, his two favourite things are probably playing with other dogs or getting attention from strangers. Whenever we go on a walk, he always makes plenty of friends – so much so, he’s become quite the local celebrity.

Although he hasn’t quite grasped the art of fetch nor how to play with a ball, he does love cuddly toys, amassing quite the collection of teddies. His favourite is definitely Kevin the Donkey, who he likes to hide in various places around the house.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, Bobo always has someone with him to give him strokes and cuddles. Luckily when he has been left alone, he hasn’t suffered from separation anxiety which is great. If you are thinking about getting a dog during lockdown, it’s important to remember the average life span of a dog is 13 years, meaning a dog is likely to outlive any global pandemic. Think carefully about the time and commitment a dog truly needs, and remember, a dog is for life, not just for lockdown.

Did he need any training?

Surprisingly, Bobo was completely toilet trained and hasn’t had a single accident in the house. Although, he’s not perfect…

From the beginning, it was clear Bobo wasn’t used to being on a lead. He didn’t understand the concept of ‘going for a walk’. Not only would he run away as soon as he saw his lead, but once we managed to get it on him, he didn’t know what to do. He’d just sit down on the floor, whether that be in the house or on the pavement, refusing to move. We took it back to basics with some lead training, using positive reward-based training. Within a week or two, he finally got to grips with walking on a lead and we’ve never looked back.

How does only having three legs affect him day-to-day?

You’d be surprised how quickly you forget he’s a tripawd. He can do pretty much everything a four-legged dog can. He can get up and down the stairs in a flash, and loves running, jumping and playing around the house. Although, we have had to invest in some rugs to cover the wooden floor as he was slipping and sliding everywhere – wooden floors and zoomies are not a good mix!

Like a four-legged dog, Bobo needs regular exercise to stay fit and healthy. However, because he does only have three legs, we have to limit how far and how often he walks. So he doesn’t overdo it, we’ll take him for one big walk or two smaller walks each day. His favourite place is the beach where he can have a big run on his extra-long lead.

Keep paws on Bobo over on Instagram for regular pupdates: @bobothetri