Odd jobs around the house to get done now

There’s a reason those odd jobs around the house seldom get done, particularly in the summer months. They can be boring, difficult, or just plain unattractive to do, but done right, many of them can positively contribute to the running of your home and even your home’s security.

But by picking off those jobs one by one this summer, you could be giving your home – and everything in it – the extra level of protection it needs before the autumn winds sweep in.

How to clean your gutters 

It’s a mucky job and nobody likes doing it, but blocked gutters will force rainfall to find other routes around your house, potentially compromising your home security by causing permanent damage, not just to the gutters but to the very foundations of your home.

All you need is a ladder (make sure it’s sturdy, well supported and you are wearing appropriate shoes), some gloves, a bucket and a garden trowel. Once the debris is cleared, give the gutters a good rinse to make sure the water flows freely. You can also clean them from the ground using a pressure washer kit or a wet/dry vacuum kit.

Check your indoor pipework

A huge number of insurance claims every year involve water damage, and many of those claims are caused by worn-out, poorly fitted or blocked water pipes, bad DIY jobs or faulty dishwashers, washing machines and other appliances.

Give your bathroom, kitchen, washing machine, dishwasher and radiators a good looking over, checking for any moisture or pooling of water. Take a look at the ceilings too, particularly where pipes are likely to run to and from the bathroom to check for any signs of damp.

If you see anything that concerns you, contact a plumber as soon as possible before the issue worsens.

 How to bleed your radiators

The last thing you want in winter is a heating system that isn’t working properly, and one common cause of faulty heating is radiators that haven’t been bled, leading to pockets of air forming within them, displacing the water and causing an uneven distribution of heat.

Bleeding your radiators is pretty straightforward. All you need is a radiator key and rag to soak up any moisture. Turn off your heating, use the key to slowly turn the valve anti-clockwise until the air starts escaping. You’ll hear the tell-tale hissing sounds and once that stops, simply retighten the valve. You need to do this quite quickly to stop too much water escaping.

If left unchecked, the problem will only get worse and could eventually affect the entire heating system.

How to ramp up your home security 

Maintaining home security is crucial. It’s a good idea to regularly check your door and window locks to ensure they are still in good working order and that goes for any sheds or garages you have too.

Make sure you keep valuables out of sight, don’t leave any ladders or tools accessible around your home, consider leaving a small light on when you are out of the house at night and joining your local neighbourhood watch scheme could be the extra layer of security you need.

Taking care of those odd jobs now will not only make your home safer, it will also mean you could be in a better position if you do need to make an insurance claim. Check out the full policy details and get a quote online.

Like all insurance policies, there are some limitations and exclusions. Please speak to the call centre or have a look at the policy documents for more information.

Applicants for insurance are subject to normal underwriting criteria.