Think you’re ready to own a dog?

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Why did we make Paws & Think?

Today there are 9 million dogs living in the UK – that’s a 5 per cent increase since 2017.

And while they continue to be the UK’s favourite pet, they are also, sadly, one of the most frequently rehomed. Since last Christmas, for instance, Dogs Trust received a call every five minutes (that’s 3,596 calls) from dog-owners looking to rehome their pet. This is 3,596 too many.

The main reason for rehoming is that owners underestimate the time and effort needed to look after a new pet. In fact, a whopping 80 per cent of owners wished they’d done more research before taking in a dog.

That’s where Paws & Think comes in. With this family friendly app, users are given a virtual pet for a week where they can trial life as a first-time dog owner. Do you have time to walk your dog twice a day? Do you know how much it costs to look after a dog? Do your living arrangements suit your chosen breed?


40% of people we surveyed wished they had researched the cost involved with owning a dog

Wrong Breed

25% of dog owners would have chosen a different breed if they had done their research


45% admit they didn’t do enough research before becoming a dog owner for the first time

Consumer Research

We asked 2,000 dog owners for their opinion on what owning a dog is really like. Here’s what they told us.

40% wish they had done more research about how to train their dog and treat behavioural issues.

40% underestimated the lifetime cost of owning a dog.

51% say they underestimated the impact a dog would have on their lifestyle.