Pet insurance that can contribute to funeral costs

Pet insurance that can contribute to funeral costs


The death of a much-loved pet is a difficult loss and can be especially upsetting for children. We know how hard it is to say goodbye to an adored dog or cherished cat, especially if they die at a young age. To try and make things a little bit easier, Co-op Pet Insurance now includes farewell cover as standard. So, just what is farewell cover and how does it help?


Farewell cover


The farewell cover included in Co-op Pet Insurance policies provides a contribution towards the cost of euthanasia of your pet and their burial or cremation, should the worst happen earlier in their life. The cover is available so long as your pet is less than seven years old when they die.


Formal pet burials and cremations have become increasingly popular and they create an

opportunity to properly mark a pet’s passing.


Our farewell cover offers some help towards these costs and can make it easier for you to focus on giving your cat or dog a dignified send-off. All we will ask is that you can provide an invoice or receipt for the arrangements that you make.


Dealing with pet bereavement


We hope that our farewell cover helps to reduce the financial burden at a time when you’re

dealing with the loss of your cat or dog and trying to support family members.


Particularly for children, pets are playmates and confidants. Children often turn to them for

comfort or to speak about whatever is on their mind. Our cats and dogs might not

be able to talk back, but they are excellent and important listeners, offering unconditional

love and company to people of all ages.


When pets die, it often leaves a huge hole in our lives. For many children it is their first experience of personal loss and bereavement.


We know this is a big issue and want to help. We hope our farewell cover goes some

way to alleviating financial pressures at this time, but we also offer a bereavement service to provide more personal support.


The professional service offers you an understanding, confidential and friendly ear. You can talk about the death or illness of your pet for as long as you like and get all the help and advice you need. The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Whatever support you need after the loss of your dog or cat, our farewell cover and bereavement service are designed to provide practical help. To find out more about our policies, visit Co-op Pet Insurance.