Spring Clean Checklist

Spring is just around the corner and with us spending a lot more time at home these days it’s worth sprucing it upWhile it can be easy to procrastinate with your spring cleaning (as it can feel like you’re unearthing a year’s worth oclutter)don’t panic. Here’s our tips on how to clean each room in your house and how often you should clean. 


  • Detox your bedroom by doing a deep clean of your mattress, pillows and sheets // repeat every 6 months 
  • Clean out your closet, donating or old or ill-fitting clothes, and organize it in a way that makes sense for you // repeat seasonally 
  • Humidifiers can make you sicker if you don’t clean them regularly. A little hydrogen peroxide (or vinegar) and water, plus a good scrub with a toothbrush, works wonders // repeat seasonally
  • Clean makeup brushes (you know, those things that touch your face every day) and hairbrushes with this quick tutorial —which includes a guide to makeup expiration // repeat monthly 
  • Dust nightstands, lamps, dressers and other surfaces with cloth dusters // repeat every 2 weeks 

Living Room (Now also known as the Office) 

  • Clean or vacuum floors under furniture // repeat seasonally 
  • Wipe down skirting boards, dust/vacuum corners and ceilings // repeat monthly 
  • Dust surfaces (don’t forget light fixtures, ceiling fans and bookshelves) with cloth dusters// repeat every 2 weeks or as needed 
  • Vacuum carpets and rugs // repeat weekly, more often if you have kids or pets 
  • Organize books, toys and magazines // repeat weekly 
  • For pesky carpet stains, try a good carpet stain remover// repeat as needed 


  • Deep clean your oven with a non-toxic cleaner // repeat every 6 months 
  • Deep clean the refrigerator // repeat seasonally 
  • Vinegar and water is all you need to clean your coffee pot// repeat seasonally 
  • Deep clean and sanitize cutting boards// repeat monthly 
  • Wipe down microwave, counter top, cabinets and fridge (including handles) // repeat weekly 


  • Clean out drawers and medicine cabinets, throw away old or expired medications // repeat seasonally 
  • Wash bathmats // repeat monthly 
  • Scrub surfaces with an antibacterial cleaner// repeat every 2 weeks 
  • Clean the toilet brush and disinfect the toilet // repeat weekly 
  • Change hand and bath towels // repeat weekly 
  • A good quality glass cleaner is a must for the bathroom mirror // repeat weekly 
  • Disinfect the toilet and the toilet brush // repeat weekly 
  • Using a floor cleaner, mop the floor (don’t forget behind the toilet)// repeat weekly 
  • Wipe down surfaces with all-natural reusable cleaning wipes// repeat weekly 
  • Keep the shower sparkling clean with a mould spray// repeat daily 

If your clean is due to moving house then why not check out our guide to make moving that little bit easier. So, now you’re all set for your big spring clean! Dust off those cloths and give our tips a try. If you enjoyed this piece take a look at our teams hacks for some extra tips!