Winter is Coming – Is Your Home Ready?

The nights are drawing in and the days are getting shorter. Yes, that’s right Winter is on its way.  

With colder weather arriving, we’ve pulled together our top tips to make sure your home is Winter ready.  

It’s important to understand the impact the weather, particularly in Winter can have on your home. It’s not just frozen pipes that can have you in a cold sweat, understanding potential damage and their causes is step one in ensuring you home stays safe and warm during the colder months.  


It is important to ensure your home is well insulated especially in the winter months. Getting your roof well insulated not only keeps essential heat in your home but can also help to keep your energy bills down.   

Get your boiler checked 

One way to make sure you’re not caught out by a boiler on the brink during the winter is to make sure you have it serviced regularly by an qualified engineer. Although some may believe paying out for a service is an unnecessary cost, it ensures your boiler is working safely and efficiently 

Give your gutters a clean  

Gutters cannot do their job effectively if they are clogged up with leaves and debris. Getting them cleaned also means any cracks won’t go unnoticed and can be fixed  

Protect your pipes  

A burst water pipe can be a disaster. The best way to protect them during the colder months is shield them with foam layer (lagging) which will prevent them from freezing and bursting.  

Stop the draft 

A lot of heat can escape from your home from something as simple as an uncovered window.  

Covering windows with lined curtains or adding draft stoppers to your doors will help to stop any drafts and keep that essential warmth from escaping.  

Compare your energy  

It pays to compare energy provides to make sure you’re on the best tariff Compare prices to see how much you could save.  

Get covered  

Making sure your home is covered for any unexpected damage is important – especially during the winter monthsCo-ops Home Insurance includes cover against loss or damage from flooding, storms and escape of water as standard.  

Co-op Insurance Services Limited (CISL) has partnered with Affinity Insurance Solutions Limited to arrange and administer your Co-op Home Insurance. CISL is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and appears on the Financial Services Register under number 779364.