General exclusions and conditions

  • your pet must have an annual dental check by a vet to be able to submit a claim for dental treatment
  • your insurance does not cover any illness that starts in the first 14 days of the policy
  • your insurance does not cover any any pre-existing illnesses or injuries
  • your insurance doesn't cover any charges made for the vet completing the claim forms
  • an additional excess (besides the flat excess) applies if:
    • your cat or dog is past its 10th birthday
    • your dog is past its 7th birthday for some breeds
  • you must send us your vet’s fees claims within 12 months of the treatment start date
  • cover for death from illness stops on your pet’s 8th birthday, or if your pet is a Select breed, its 5th birthday.

Select Plus

If treatment is ongoing you must send the claim forms to us at least once every 12 months.


This policy covers an illness or injury for 12 months only.

The 12 months starts on the date the injury happened or the illness was first noticed.

We will not cover any more claims for that or any related injury or illness after this date.

Alternative and complementary treatments are not covered by this policy except:

  • physiotherapy
  • treatment of a behavioural illness

that’s carried out by your vet

There may be extra exclusions on your pet’s policy. You'll find these on your pet’s insurance certificate. You’ll find the full list of exclusions and limitations in your policy documents.

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