A pre-existing medical condition is any medical condition for which any person insured on this policy has:

  • taken any prescribed medication or received medical treatment within the last 2 years
  • been registered in or outpatient at a hospital, clinic or GP surgery in the last 2 years
  • been advised of a terminal illness.

You must let us know about any pre-existing conditions.

We are unable to cover undiagnosed conditions, and won’t cover you if:

  1. your state of health is significantly worse than you told us;
  2. you know you have a terminal condition, but have not told us;
  3. you know you will need medical treatment during your journey;
  4. one of the purposes of your journey is to obtain medical treatment;
  5. you are travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner;
  6. you are not fit to travel on your journey;
  7. you have been placed on a waiting list that could cause you to cancel or curtail your trip.

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