Young driver insurance discounts

No claim discount

This is a discount that can apply if you’ve had your own car insurance policy before.

A no claim discount is a discount your insurer gives you if there are no ‘fault’ claims made against your policy.

You can keep any no claim discount earned with another insurer and use it with us.

Proof of no claim discount

We may ask you to prove your no claim discount.

If we do, you’ll be able to upload this using your account.

We’ll accept proof of no claim discount from any insurer based in the UK.

We cannot accept proof of no claim discount if it’s:

  • over three years old
  • used on another policy
  • used on another vehicle at the same time
  • not in your name.

We’ll accept a letter from your current or last insurer. You may get a proof of no claims letter with your renewal invitation. Make sure it shows the number of no claim years earned, and the policy end date.

Named driver discount

Don't worry if you do not have a no claim discount.

If you’ve been a named driver on someone else's Co-op Car Insurance policy, you may be able to get this discount.

You can include a car you used for practice when you were learning to drive.

You can claim named driver discount if:

  • the policy is still active
  • the policy finished in the last 12 months
  • you’re 20 or over
  • you have not claimed on any policy for an accident or damage you’ve caused
  • you have not had any motoring convictions in the last four years, or have any pending.

Parking fines and a single speeding ticket are not a problem.

Claim named driver discount

Please have these details handy when you get a quote online:

  • the Co-op Car Insurance policy number on which you’re a named driver, or the car’s registration number
  • the number of full, claim-free years you’ve had in a row since you were 19.

Make sure the details are right, or the cost of your policy could change after it’s started. You can earn up to 3 years' discount.

You cannot claim this benefit if you were not a named driver on a Co-op Car Insurance policy.