Member Pioneers make great things happen

Co-op Member Pioneers making great things happen

Learn how our Member Pioneers work to improve communities such as protecting a shared space or supporting a local cause.

300 Member Pioneers

Currently we have people making a difference in communities across the UK

1500 Member Pioneers by 2020

Our army of champions is growing fast.

Invested £2 million

In 2019 we made a serious commitment to fund Member Pioneers nationwide.

What does a Member Pioneer do?

Member Pioneers

Our Member Pioneers talk to people to find our how they can help make a difference. They bring together Co-op members, colleagues and local causes to make communities a better place to work, play, live and learn.

Our Member Pioneers can put you in touch with like-minded people, offer practical advice, and help get you started.

Find your local Member Pioneer

If you have a passion for your community and a genuine desire to make a difference you can become a Member Pioneer.

Apply to be a Member Pioneer

“By being a Member Pioneer, I get to spend time connecting and bringing together local community projects and causes.”

Elsa Parker, Co-op Member Pioneer