If you've got any ideas on how Co-op could help your community, or want to know what Co-op is doing near you then contact the Co-op Member Pioneer Co-ordinator for your area, who will then put you in touch with your local Member Pioneer.

Member Pioneers work to join up and help the communities around our Food stores and Funeralcare homes, including members, local causes and local community groups.

Find your local Member Pioneer Co-ordinator

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South East England

Southampton West, the New Forest and the Isle of Wight
Donna Aburrow
Email: donna.aburrow@coop.co.uk

Southampton East and Portsmouth
Ian Longstaff
Email: ian.longstaff@coop.co.uk

Maidenhead and Reading
Tom Anderson
Email: tom.anderson@coop.co.uk

Basingstoke and Farnborough
Claire Martin
Email: claire.martin@coop.co.uk

Woking and Guildford
Sarah Nuttall
Email: sarah.nuttall@coop.co.uk

Watford and Hemel Hempstead
Angelle Bryan
Email: angelle.bryan@coop.co.uk

Kent Coast and East Kent
Jack Miller
Email: jack.miller@coop.co.uk

Western West Sussex
Julia Azzopardi
Email: julia.azzopardi@coop.co.uk

Central West Sussex and South Surrey
Katherine Potter
Email: katherine.potter@coop.co.uk

North West Kent
Deborah Jackson
Email: deborah.jackson@coop.co.uk

Eastern East Sussex and West Kent
Kerry Pinnegar
Email: kerry.pinnegar@coop.co.uk


Angelle Bryan
Email: angelle.bryan@coop.co.uk

Central London
Rosalind Stevens
Email: rosalind.stevens@coop.co.uk

West London
Klara Milusauskaite
Email: klara.milusauskaite@coop.co.uk

East London
Cheryl Burden
Email: cheryl.burden@coop.co.uk

The City, East and North East London
Keeley Adams
Email: keeley.adams@coopmembers.co.uk

Geraldine Strohm
Email: geraldine.strohm@coop.co.uk

South East London
Vaishali Patel
Email: vaishali.patel@coop.co.uk

South London, Croydon and Bromley
Nicola Clarke
Email: nicola.clarke@coop.co.uk

London, South East of the river
Michael Mensah-Benjamin
Email: michael.mensah-benjamin@coop.co.uk

South West England

Bristol and South Gloucester
Andrew McGrath
Email: andrew.mcgrath@coop.co.uk

Western Cornwall
Kirsty Arthur
Email: kirsty.arthur@coop.co.uk

Jo Higson
Email: jo.higson@coop.co.uk

Exeter, East and North Devon
Sally Tommy
Email: sally-anne.tommy@coop.co.uk

Torbay and South Hams
Mike Ellis
Email: mike.ellis@coop.co.uk

East and North Cornwall and South Devon
Barney Barron
Email: barney.barron@coop.co.uk

Eve Warburton
Email: eve.warburton@coop.co.uk

Dorset, South Somerset and East Devon
Rachel Brown
Email: rachel.brown@coop.co.uk

Sarah Crocker
Email: sarah.crocker@coop.co.uk

Bath, Swindon and the Cotswolds
Sherry Tolson
Email: sherry.tolson@coop.co.uk

Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas
Heather Scharnhorst
Email: heather.scharnhorst@coop.co.uk

East of England

Melanie Neal
Email: melanie.neal@coop.co.uk

Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire
Julia Miller
Email: julia.miller@coop.co.uk

North Essex and West Suffolk
Jennifer Griggs
Email: jennifer.griggs@coop.co.uk

South Essex
Jack Williams

Hertfordshire and South Bedfordshire
Geraldine Strohm
Email: geraldine.strohm@coop.co.uk

Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire
Naomh Campbell
Email: naomh.campbell@coop.co.uk

Norfolk and East Suffolk
Rebecca Whyte
Email: rebecca.whyte@coop.co.uk

East Midlands

Melanie Neal
Email: melanie.neal@coop.co.uk

Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire
Tracey Mynott
Email: tracey.mynott@coop.co.uk

South Nottinghamshire and South Derbyshire
Toni Jarvis
Email: toni.jarvis@coop.co.uk

Central Nottinghamshire
Susan French
Email: susan.french@coop.co.uk

North Nottinghamshire and North East Derbyshire
Claire Penny
Email: claire.penny@coop.co.uk

Derbyshire and Peak District
Simon Reynolds
Email: simon.reynolds@coop.co.uk

High Peak
Martin Bates
Email: martin.bates@coop.co.uk

West Midlands

North Staffordshire and Stoke
Kim Dundas
Email: kimberley.dundas@coop.co.uk

Stuart Mackay
Email: stuart.mackay@coop.co.uk

East Shropshire and West Stafford
Christopher Baker
Email: christopher.baker2@coop.co.uk

Melanie Groves
Email: melanie.groves@coop.co.uk

West Midlands - South
Nadine Stanley
Email: nadine.stanley@coop.co.uk

Heather Mead
Email: heather.mead@coop.co.uk

Yorkshire and Humber

Leeds and Wakefield
John Sargent
Email: john.sargent@coop.co.uk

South West Rotherham
Claire Penny
Email: claire.penny@coop.co.uk

Kirklees and Barnsley
Claire Worley
Email: claire.worley@coop.co.uk

Suzanne Patterson
Email: suzanne.patterson2@coop.co.uk

Bradford, Craven and Calderdale
Julie Lloyd
Email: julie.lloyd@coop.co.uk

Sheffield and Rotherham
Pete Burchill
Email: pete.burchill@coop.co.uk

Doncaster and North East Lincolnshire
Rachel Mallon
Email: rachel.mallon@coop.co.uk

Yorkshire and Humber
Sophie Hostick-Boayke
Email: sophie.hostick-boakye@coop.co.uk

North Yorkshire
Jayne Anderton
Email: jayne.anderton@coop.co.uk

Harrogate, Hambleton and York
Helen Williams
Email: helen.williams2@coop.co.uk

Scarborough and North Yorkshire
Ellis Pointing
Email: ellis.pointing@coop.co.uk

North East England

South Tyneside, Sunderland and Durham
Christopher Hood
Email: christopher.hood@coop.co.uk

South Durham
Suzanne Patterson
Email: suzanne.patterson2@coop.co.uk

Cleveland Coast and Tees
Jayne Anderton
Email: jayne.anderton@coop.co.uk

Tyneside, North of Tyne and Gateshead
Danielle Neighbour
Email: danielle.neighbour@coop.co.uk

Ceri Finn
Email: ceri.finn2@coop.co.uk

North West England

North East Manchester, Rochdale and Oldham
Lindsey Milnes
Email: lindsey.milnes@coop.co.uk

East Warrington and West Lancashire
Cindy Kelly
Email: cindy.kelly@coop.co.uk

West Lancashire
Colin Lucas
Email: colin.lucas@coop.co.uk

Wirral and Chester
Deborah Zaher
Email: deborah.zaher@coop.co.uk

Liverpool and Sefton
Simon Carolan
Email: simon.carolan@coop.co.uk

Tameside and Stockport
Martin Bates
Email: martin.bates@coop.co.uk

Salford, Bury and Bolton
Victoria Cusick
Email: victoria.cusick@coop.co.uk

South West Manchester and Trafford
Stefan Klueter
Email: stefan.klueter@coop.co.uk

Stuart Mackay
Email: stuart.mackay@coop.co.uk

Warrington and Runcorn
Sophie Green
Email: sophie.green@coop.co.uk

Kendal and Cumbria
Melissa Davies
Email: melissa.davies@coop.co.uk


Dumfries and Galloway
Bob Shipway
Email: bob.shipway@coop.co.uk

Gillian Cunningham
Email: gillian.cunningham@coop.co.uk

Edinburgh and West Lothian
Peter Heggie
Email: peter.heggie@coop.co.uk

Glasgow West and Renfrewshire
Fiona Herriot
Email: fiona.herriot@coop.co.uk

Aberdeen City and West Shire
Sharon Wilkinson
Email: sharon.wilkinson@coop.co.uk

Perth, West and South Fife
Derek Henderson
Email: derek.henderson@coop.co.uk

Clackmannanshire and Central
Katy Penman
Email: katy.penman@coop.co.uk

North East Aberdeenshire and Northern Isles
Victoria Prendergast
Email: victoria.prendergast@coop.co.uk

Highland Perthshire, Dundee, Angus and the Mearns
Cindy Morris
Email: cindy.morris@coop.co.uk

Arran, Argyll and Bute
Sharon McHarrie
Email: sharon.mcharrie@coop.co.uk

Outer Hebrides, Skye and Lochaber
Ros Halley
Email: roslyn.halley@coop.co.uk

Inverness and North East Highland
Ian Sutherland
Email: ian.sutherland@coop.co.uk

East Lothian
Steve Ritchie
Email: steve.ritchie@coop.co.uk

Glasgow East and Lanarkshire
Jackie Baker
Email: jackie.baker@coop.co.uk

Laura McPhee
Email: laura.mcphee@coop.co.uk

Nairn, Moray and Strathspey
Jill Sowden
Email: jill.sowden@coop.co.uk


Mid and North Wales
Deborah Wozencraft
Email: deb.wozencraft@coop.co.uk

East Powys
Melanie Groves
Email: melanie.groves@coop.co.uk

West Wales
Ruth Rowland
Email: ruth.rowland@coop.co.uk

Cardiff and Valleys
Graham Craven
Email: graham.craven@coop.co.uk

South East Wales
Nigel Dore
Email: nigel.dore@coop.co.uk

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland
Gillian Kelly
Email: gillian.kelly@coop.co.uk