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Co-op members have helped raise over £14 million for local causes.

This money, together with money from carrier bag sales, supports projects close to where you live.

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How our members are making a difference

See some of the causes that Co-op members have helped to fund this year.

Southport lifeboats

Funding from Co-op members is being used to build a new lifeboat station in Southport, helping to protect lives.

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Southport lifeboat rescue station video transcript

My name's Tony Masters, I'm the secretary and the Lifeboat operations manager here at Southport Independent Lifeboat. It was the dream of a local lady after the death of her son that she wanted to have a lifeboat station put back into Southport because there was no local station that was able to rescue her son and bring him back to safety. We strongly need the involvement of the local community. The final push now is the reason why we've approached the Co-op, hopefully we'll reach our target to build our new lifeboat station. So this time next year we'll be sat in much nicer, warmer, cleaner environment. We'll be able to keep our kit, all our equipment all under one roof. So it's onwards and upwards - a lot of hard work but I’m sure we’ll get there.

Meanwood Urban Farm, Leeds

Find out how the community fund is helping Meanwood Valley Urban Farm carry on its educational work with school children and disabled people in Leeds.

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Meanwood Valley Urban Farm video

Welcome to Meanwood Valley Urban Farm, this a city farm, it's an education facility for schools and a training centre for disable adults.

On the top of that hill there is one of the most deprived areas in Leeds and on the top of the hill over there is one of the other most deprived areas in Leeds, so we're right in the middle of the inner city which is where we need to be.

Co-op's funding, like everybody else's is how the farm works, we've had staff and members come down and do some voluntary work, help us create this marvellous environment. Local community support for projects like the farm, it's essential really, we're a small charity and we totally rely on fundraising to help us do these inspiring projects.

Everybody learns in different ways, don't they? One of the things we try and do is teach in a different way.

Starter Packs, Glasgow

Giving practical help to people when they need it most, Starter Packs provides everyday essentials for people starting to live independently.

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The Friends of Broughty Ferry Library video transcript

Broughty Ferry is a great little seaside town, it’s got lots going on, it’s a real buzzy place.

Broughty Ferry Library is the hub of the community. People come in to me and say, I remember coming into this library when I was 5 and now they’re 90.

I just think that’s fabulous. I’ve been coming to the library since I was a little girl, I grew up here and, since I’ve had my children we’ve been coming regularly.

It really is, a great place for the community, and that’s why I’m really happy to be a member of the friends.

We’ve been working to raise the money for the youth area for about two years. It wasn’t attractive at all, it was crowded, it just would not have attracted any young person.

When we received word that the funding was available for us, I was so excited. This money has allowed us to refurbish this area. If we had not got the grant from the Co-op, it would have taken us another perhaps two years to raise the funds ourselves. The new space has brightened the area and it’s made it more appealing to young people so we’re getting a bigger flow of young people coming in and using the space.

Young people are our future. I can’t express in words what it means to be able to say to young people, come into this library and see this fabulous space that we’ve got. Without the Co-op, we would not be where we are today.

The Friends of Broughty Ferry Library

Our members voted for The Friends of Broughty Ferry Library to receive a share of the profits and the charge collected from the sale of our carrier bags.

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Starter packs video transcript

Starter Packs is the organisation that we raise money for. And in order to do that, we've got two shops. They're a massive part of what Starter Packs has become and how we exist and continue to grow.

The packs go to various people moving from homelessness into accommodation. We work with people through relationship breakdowns or people that have come out the army and things like that.

So there's a lot of various reasons that people are moving into accommodation without any support. Each person gets plates, bowls, cups, saucers, frying pan, a pot, dishcloth, toilet roll, toothpaste, toothbrush. It's a lot of stuff that people get when the packs are going out.

Today, there's five starter packs going out in total. We're just driving through Govan in Glasgow to head up to deliver the first of the packs.

Starter Packs are just giving them some of the basic things that a lot of people take for granted when they're setting up a home.

Hi there, starter pack, where do you want it?

Unfortunately, the demand for starter packs seems to be going up each year. We're a small charity, so we only have one van that's kind of struggling to do all the work.

The funding from the Co-op to get a second van will really benefit Starter Packs and benefit a lot of people in Glasgow and the Greater Glasgow area.

We will be able to deliver more starter packs and dedicate more time to delivering the service that the charity was set up to do. We felt great to get the grant.

It's such a weight off the organisation's shoulders to know it's just now within grasp, thanks to the Co-op.

And we’re very, very grateful for that.

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