Local community fund

Our way of giving back to local communities.

Co‑op Members have helped us raise an amazing £20 million for local causes.

That means we’ve been able to help fund thousands of local projects that benefit communities across the UK.

Image celebrating the £20m given to local causes.

Anastasia became a Co-op Member to give back to her community. She's supporting St Hilda's Community Centre, which offers learning opportunities for young children and their parents. Just one of thousands of local causes we've helped across the UK.

How the fund works

As a member, every time you shop at Co-op, 1% of what you spend on selected own-brand products and services goes to the local community fund.

The money raised by all the members in your community, together with money from shopping bag sales, helps to fund local projects in the area where you live.

Since September 2016, we've raised a total of more than £20 million.

You can choose which cause you want your own 1% to go to.

Any money raised by members who don't select a cause is added to the money raised from shopping bag sales and shared equally between the causes in their local area.

We choose new causes every 12 months.

Be a local cause

Projects we fund are generally run by local organisations, charities, companies or community groups, but as long as your organisation isn't run for private profit you can apply.

We're not currently looking for new causes - applications will open again in 2019.

If you're a Co-op local cause

Get hints and tips on how to let people know you're part of the fund, and raise more money.

Members helped MK Snap raise over £3,000 to help people with learning difficulties and disabilities engage with nature.