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Kendal Calling 2024

We're excited to be in Cumbria once again! We can't wait to serve you everything you need to fully enjoy the brilliant Paolo Nutini and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds.

How to find us

You can find the festival store in the live-in vehicle field, gain access via the village green field.

Opening times:

  • Thursday campsite opening – 10am - 2am
  • Friday 7am – 2am
  • Saturday 7am – 2am
  • Sunday 7am – 2am

Your essential shopping at Kendal Calling

From water to wet wipes, our store has everything you need for a great Kendal Calling, meaning you can travel light and fit more in your backpack.

Essential-goods-list-water Water

Essential goods list soft drink Soft drinks

Essential-goods-list-chilled-drink Water & Chilled drinks

Essential-goods-list-sandwiches Sandwiches

Essential-goods-list-chilled-snacks Ice cream

Essential-goods-list-fresh-meat Fresh meat

Essential-goods-list-fruit Fruit

Essential-goods-list-crisps Crisps

Essential-goods-list-snack Crisps & snacks

Essential-goods-list-health-and-beauty Health & beauty

Essential-goods-list-medicine Medicine

Essential-goods-list-batteries Batteries

Essential-goods-list-tobacco Tobacco

Essential-goods-list-pre-mixed-drinks Pre-mixed drinks

Spotlight Breakfast Breakfast

Spotlight BeersWine Beer, wine and spirits