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Rockstar Energy presents Reading Festival 2024

We're revved up for returning to Rockstar Energy presents Reading Festival! Stock up on the essentials with us before you rock out to Blink-182 and Liam Gallagher.

How to find us

You can find the festival store in the orange campsite for all your festival needs.

Opening times:

  • Wednesday campsite opening – 12 noon - 3am
  • Thursday 7am – 3am
  • Friday 7am – 3am
  • Saturday 7am – 3am
  • Sunday 7am – 3am

Your essential shopping at Rockstar Energy presents Reading Festival

From water to wet wipes, our store has everything you need for a great Rockstar Energy presents Reading Festival, meaning you can travel light and fit more in your backpack.

Essential-goods-list-water Water

Essential goods list soft drink Soft drinks

Essential-goods-list-chilled-drink Water & Chilled drinks

Essential-goods-list-sandwiches Sandwiches

Essential-goods-list-chilled-snacks Ice cream

Essential-goods-list-fresh-meat Fresh meat

Essential-goods-list-fruit Fruit

Essential-goods-list-crisps Crisps

Essential-goods-list-snack Crisps & snacks

Essential-goods-list-health-and-beauty Health & beauty

Essential-goods-list-medicine Medicine

Essential-goods-list-batteries Batteries

Essential-goods-list-tobacco Tobacco

Essential-goods-list-pre-mixed-drinks Pre-mixed drinks

Spotlight Breakfast Breakfast

Spotlight BeersWine Beer, wine and spirits