Welsh lamb

Animal welfare

Our animal welfare standards go over and above the legal requirements for chicken, pork, turkey, beef, lamb and dairy.

Our farmers care for their animals by following the 5 Freedoms welfare code:

  • freedom from hunger and thirst, by ready access to water and a diet to maintain health and vigour
  • freedom from discomfort, by providing an appropriate environment
  • freedom from pain, injury and disease, by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment
  • freedom to express normal behaviour, by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and appropriate company of the animal’s own kind
  • freedom from fear and distress, by ensuring conditions and treatment, which avoid mental suffering

We support animal welfare through schemes such as Red Tractor, RSPCA Assured and our own-brand animal welfare standards. In fact, all our own-brand meat, poultry and British dairy products sold under the Co-op brand are produced from farms that are accredited to a national farm assurance scheme, such as Red Tractor, which ensures high standards of animal welfare.

These schemes cover aspects such as the housing of animals and stocking densities, feed and water, health and veterinary controls, breeding, traceability and transportation.

Looking out for animals. We believe in the highest standards of animal welfare and simply don't do testing.

Read our Co-op Animal Welfare Standards and Performance to find out more about our commitment to creating products that have been produced to good animal welfare standards, regardless of their budget.