Campaign for Fairtrade in your own way.

Fairtrade campaigning tools

Fairtrade is more than a mark on a pack - it’s a movement of people who want to change the world. We have assembled these resources so that you can campaign for Fairtrade in your own way and protect the future of our food.

Together we can make a difference to climate change

The world is facing a climate crisis – it is affecting the foods we love and the communities who produce them.

But by choosing Fairtrade, you can support producers on the frontline of the climate crisis and help to protect the future of our food.

Celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight 2023

This Fairtrade Fortnight take action! Choose Fairtrade, spread the word or host a Fairtrade Fortnight event.

Choose Fairtrade

The easiest way you can get involved this Fairtrade Fortnight is by choosing Fairtrade when you shop.

Why not make a swap commitment for the rest of the year?

At Co-op, it’s easy to make the switch to Fairtrade. 100% of our own-brand tea, coffee, bananas, cocoa, bagged sugar and African roses are Fairtrade. We’re also the world’s largest seller of Fairtrade wine.

Spread the Word

Tell stories! Whether it’s to your friends, family, colleagues or local community, you can play a part in championing Fairtrade by sharing the stories of producers.

Spread the word on social media by using the following hashtags: #FairtradeFortnight #ChooseFairtrade #ItsWhatWeDo #BeingCoop and tagging @CoopUK and @FairtradeUK.

Host a Fairtrade Fortnight event

Hosting a Fairtrade Fortnight event is a great way to spread the word about Fairtrade and try some delicious Fairtrade products.

Why not host your own Fairtrade coffee tasting masterclass following along with our coffee experts or make our ultimate Fairtrade chocolate cake for a bake sale?

Download our Fairtrade Fortnight Pack to learn more about how to take part, for information on how climate change is affecting producers, and how Fairtrade is supporting them to build climate resilience.

Download the pack

Download the pack in Welsh

Climate Justice

The climate crisis is the biggest threat to the livelihoods of millions of producers in low-income countries who grow the foods we need and love. Changing weather patterns and the emergence of pests and diseases are devasting crops and putting livelihoods at risk.

Fairtrade supports producers by providing them with training and better incomes to adapt to climate challenges. By choosing Fairtrade, you can support producers on the frontline of the climate crisis and protect the future of our food.

It is important that we support producers we source from in the transition to fairer and more resilient supply chains. Fairtrade producers have told us that climate change is the biggest threat to their livelihoods. That’s why they must be at the centre of decision making. Our Co-op vision, ‘Co-operating for a Fairer World’, recognises that we are stronger and more effective when we work together. To create real, impactful change, we need to co-operate to protect our most vulnerable communities against climate change.

“What I am afraid of is where we are going to be in five to ten years if we do not do anything about climate change. There is drought, flooding, low yields and infestation of pests and diseases and if the farm produce does not do well, there’s going to be scarcity of food.”

Mary Warau, Fairtrade Flower Worker at Rainforest Farmlands Kenya Limited.

Impacts of climate change

Evelyn Njiraini, a coffee farmer at Mutira Farmers’ Co-operative Society in Kenya shares how they are being impacted by climate change and how Co-op and Fairtrade have supported them with these challenges.

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