Fairtrade campaigning tools

Campaign for Fairtrade in your own way.

Fairtrade is more than a mark on a pack - it’s a movement of people who want to change the world. We have assembled these resources so that you can campaign for Fairtrade in your own way and choose the world you want.

Together we can make a difference to climate change

Co-operation will be key to solving the climate crisis. That’s why Co-op has been campaigning for climate justice.

This Fairtrade Fortnight take action! Join Co-op & Fairtrade Foundation in calling on the Government to deliver on the promises made at COP26 for climate justice for global farmers by writing to your local MP.

Celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight 2022

This Fairtrade Fortnight, Co-op is again joining forces with thousands of individuals, companies and groups across the UK to share the stories behind the people who produce the delicious products that we love.

The focus of the Fairtrade Fortnight 2022 campaign is climate justice.

Download our Fairtrade Fortnight Pack for information on how climate change is affecting producers, and how they are building climate resilience.

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Climate Justice

Those in developing nations are suffering the most from climate change yet contributing the least. Our global workers and producers, who provide us with our essential food and drink, are already experiencing first-hand the devastating impact of changing weather patterns and emergence of pests and diseases that devastate crops.

It is important that we support all our growers and producers in the transition to fairer and more resilient supply chains that we need to make in the years to come. Fairtrade farmers and workers worldwide have told us that climate change is the biggest threat to their livelihoods. That’s why they must be at the centre of decision making. They know best how climate change is affecting their environment, and what action is needed to safeguard their futures Our Co-op vision, ‘Co-operating for a fairer world’, recognises that we are stronger and more effective when we work together. To create real, impactful change, we need to co-operate to protect our most vulnerable communities against climate change.

Jo’s Trip to Kenya

Co-op Food CEO, Jo Whitfield, travelled to Kenya in October 2019 to meet Co-op Fairtrade tea and flower farmers. Read her blog here and share this video to spread the word!

Fairtrade Fortnight Events

Browse and Join our Fairtrade Fortnight 2022 Events. Don’t forget to save the events in your calendar!

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Campaign in your own way

Tell stories. Whether it’s to your friends, family, colleagues or local community, you can play a part in championing Fairtrade by sharing the stories of producers.

Share Fairtrade stories and spread the word on social media. You can use the following hashtags to do this: #FairtradeFortnight #ChooseFairtrade #ItsWhatWeDo #BeingCoop and tagging @CoopUK and @FairtradeUK. There is also a range of Fairtrade GIFs available on social platforms by searching: ‘Choose Fairtrade’.


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