Fair Trade charcoal

Fairtrade charcoal: hero

Did you know that Co-op even stocks Fair Trade charcoal and BBQ sets? It’s a sign of the progress we’ve made to support people in our supply chain.

There are no internationally recognised Fairtrade standards for charcoal, so we work in a unique partnership with Traidcraft to support burners and workers in Namibia with our Fair Trade charcoal and BBQ set sales. Since we launched our Fair Trade charcoal in 2009, over £400,000 has been raised to fund projects which benefit charcoal producers and their communities in Namibia. With support from Traidcraft, the workers and burners have decided themselves how they want to spend the money.

Community vegetable growing

Workers in Namibia have used some of the Fairtrade premium money to invest in a water filtration system and a vegetable garden. This has meant that lots of ‘grey’ water from their showers is no longer wasted but used to water the vegetable garden, providing healthy vegetables and fruit for the workers’ lunches and for their families too.

Building houses

In some Namibian communities, they have built over 100 houses for the charcoal burners at camps where they work in the bush. The houses keep people dry, warm and safe from dangers such as snakes.

“The houses are very nice and keep the cold out. They are much better than before and now we even have proper toilets and showers. This is a good place to work. We like our homes and we get paid when we want. It’s not like some of the other places.”