Fairtrade chocolate

Fairtrade chocolate: hero

Fairtrade chocolate simply wasn’t widely available 25 years ago and it’s been a story of continual progress, supporting smallholder farmers in Peru, The Dominican Republic, Ghana and Ivory Coast.

At Co-op, all our chocolate now gives something back and, since 2000, we’ve been the only retailer to have an own range of confectionery that's 100% Fairtrade.

Supporting Fairtrade chocolate producers in Ghana

Back in 2000 we worked with Divine and their partner co-operative Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana to bring the first Fairtrade own brand chocolate to market. We’ve continued to work with Kuapa and Divine ever since.

We’ve gone beyond Fairtrade to support Kuapa members, like Linda, to improve community facilities. Projects have included a new school and more recently, work to improve access to water and sanitation.