Fairtrade flowers

Fairtrade flowers hero

Co-op is the largest UK retailer for Fairtrade flowers, and in 2018 we became the first retailer to only use 100% Fairtrade roses when sourced from Africa. We’re also the first to sign up to the new International Fairtrade Sourcing Ingredients model for flowers. This means you can double check on the pack to be sure your blooms have been sourced responsibly. Why not celebrate 26 years of Fairtrade with a bunch of Fairtrade flowers?

Meet the producer

Watch Grace's story and see how our Fairtrade roses help communities around the world.

“Despite being in the midst of the pandemic Co-op stood with us and continued to buy our flowers at a premium price and by doing so we kept our jobs…there are no better words to express our gratitude to Co-op market and Fairtrade, we can only use one word that you are our heros” Grace Otieno, Flamingo Horticulture

Grace lives in Naivasha, Kenya, where she’s worked as a flower producer at Flamingo Horticulture’s farm for the last 13 years. The farm became Fairtrade certified in 2009 and grows over 100 million beautiful flowers in different colours every year. As a result, they’re one of the biggest producers of Fairtrade flowers in the world.

Grace has seen a lot of changes throughout her community, all thanks to the life changing impact received through Fairtrade. After three years in the job, Grace knew everything about how the roses are produced, becoming a true expert in the field and now, Grace says “I have had the opportunity to be a supervisor, an opportunity that women rarely get.”

In 2012 we converted all of our own brand standard bunches and single stem roses to Fairtrade In 2018 we commit to sourcing all the African roses for all bouquets of Co-op flowers under Fairtrade terms In 2020, Co-op sold over 41 million Fairtrade flowers and generated over £300k in Fairtrade Premium