Chicken farmers


100% of our fresh chicken and chilled prepared meals containing chicken are British, raised to the UK Red Tractor Farm Assurance benchmark.

High animal welfare standards

All our fresh chickens have a balanced diet designed to provide good health, significant natural light from windows within the housing, resting time and hours of darkness per day. They are also able to demonstrate natural behaviour through environmental enrichment in the housing such as straw bales.

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Meet the producer - Joe

Joe, is a farming area manager and takes great pride in ensuring the chicks are raised into happy and healthy chickens. As they grow, the chicks are kept entertained with bales and play strings to peck. Food and water is on tap and readily available - special water lines respond to pecking, and tiny water trays underneath each tap keep the straw dry, which in turn keeps the chick’s feet healthy. As well as being warm and cosy, the barns are full of natural light.

Joe says:

"There’s no better feeling than seeing the chickens every day. You see them grow and do what’s best for them."