Dairy farmers

Cow eating

100% of our own brand fresh milk, fresh cream, block butter and cheddar cheese is made from British milk.

By buying milk at the Co-op you are supporting our British Dairy Farming Group. This means high-quality, nutritious milk for you and a fair price for our farmers.

High animal welfare standards

Animal welfare is a big concern for both you and us. That's why we carry out regular checks on top of Red Tractor standards. We insist that farmers give their cows access to grazing pastures, where possible and in season.

Find out more about our animal welfare standards.

Fair price for milk

Farmers benefit from being paid a fair price for every litre they produce.

We work closely with our dairy supply chain to review pricing on a regular basis, using a ‘basket price’ method. This takes into account factors such as cost of production to offer a fair and representative view of the market.

Meet the producer - Richard and Grant

Richard and Grant Walker are two brothers from Dumfries who are Dairy farmers for Co-op. The two young farmers have a strong partnership which combines passion, determination, strategic thinking with a considered and progressive mind-set to always go one step further for their farming business and the wider community. The farm has over 500 Pedigree Holstein cows which are milked 3 times a day, and the brothers have great attention to detail and really focus on their cow’s comfort.

Richard and Grant are real advocates for young people in agriculture and go great lengths to encourage the next generation to see farming as an exciting career. The pair actively encourage young people in the local area to work with them part-time in the school holidays or weekends.

Furthermore, they are engaged with their local secondary school’s Rural Skills Programme; The Queensberry Initiative. This programme allows children who have an interest in the countryside to spend curricular time on their farm.

"There are a lot of negative things written about agriculture, and the perception is that it’s an old-fashioned, hard-working job. But farming’s actually fun and rewarding, and offers a huge amount of job satisfaction."

The boys are additionally involved in the Co-op Farming Pioneers Programme. Richard is part of the first group of 20 young farmers, and Grant is in the second group which started in 2017. The Co-op Farming Pioneers is an in-depth, free training programme aimed at young people aged between 21 and 35 who currently work in a farming business supplying the Co-op. They both get actively involved in the meetings and take the opportunity to meet other young farmers across other sectors.