Egg producers

British Lion egg

Our eggs are all 100% British and sourced from farms that are RSPCA assured. They also carry the famous British Lion Quality Mark, which is only found on eggs produced to the highest standards of food safety.

High animal welfare standards

We’ve always looked out for the health of our hens and we were the first supermarket to stock only free-range eggs.

As part of the RSPCA Assured scheme, all the farms that supply our eggs are regularly inspected to ensure they maintain the required levels of welfare for their hens. This leaves the birds free to roam and leaves you free to enjoy your scrambled, poached, fried or boiled eggs in the knowledge that they have come from healthy, happy birds.

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Meet the producers - Rob & Sian

Rob and Sian are farmers who provide the Co-op with free range eggs. Watch to find out how they run their farm sustainably.