Vegetable growers

Meet the Hunter family and get to know their family business Huntapac Produce a little bit more. Huntapac Produce supply fresh vegetables to Co-op and share our passion for education, British food and local communities.

Get the know the Hunter family

The Hunter family - Warren, his brother Jason and son Will are on a mission to tell everyone about British vegetables. Their farm's roots were set down back in 1942, when Will's great-grandfather sold the lettuces he grew on a single acre of land to a local market. The family business has since expanded to 800 acres in Preston, Lancashire, and the family produces; leeks, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower and parsnips to Co-op customers.

How they help their local community

The Hunters are committed to better farming which includes giving something back to their local community. They work with Derian House Children’s Hospice, raising money and helping with hands-on projects like gardening and decorating. In addition to this they host events including Open Farm Sundays, and sponsor local sports clubs.

Supporting education

The Hunters’ invited Year 9 students from Co-op Academy Failsworth onto the farm to teach them how their food gets from farm to fork. The kids got to know more about how the business works, had a tour of the packhouse and headed to the fields to try the vegetables. They also learnt how to prepare some of the vegetables they tried. Trips like this enables Co-op and Huntapac Produce to support education and the local community.