Lamb farmer

Lamb farmers

100% of our fresh lamb and chilled prepared meals containing lamb are British, sourced from farms in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Animal Welfare

All our lamb farmers are accredited to a national farm assurance scheme, such as Red Tractor, which ensures good standards of animal welfare. These schemes cover aspects such as the housing of animals and stocking densities, feed and water, health and veterinary controls, breeding, traceability, and transportation.

Our farms work with an independent third party to measure their performance and drive long-term improvement. We visit these farms, when possible, throughout the year and undertake welfare checks at all abattoirs.

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The Co-op Beef and Lamb Group

The Co-op Beef and Lamb Group was set up in 2013 to forge stronger relationships with its network of suppliers. Members of the group receive a premium for meeting additional requirements above the standard health and quality and brand requirements; these include sustainability, environmental, ethical, and training standards.

In November 2023, we announced a major reset for the Beef and Lamb Farming Group by welcoming new members and setting out a recharged events programme. A 12-month rolling engagement programme will provide a touch point for members to discuss challenges facing the agriculture industry and share best practice throughout the next year.

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The Environment

Our farmers pride themselves on reducing their environmental impact. Through our Beef and Lamb Group meetings we will continually look at ways of lowering our group members’ carbon footprint and improving their on-farm biodiversity.