Pork farmers

We're proud to support British farming and all our fresh and frozen pork is 100% British. We have maintained this commitment to supporting British farmers across the UK and will continue to do so into the future.

High animal welfare standards

Animal welfare is a top priority for our customers and members. As a result, we were one of the first retailers to move to exclusively RSPCA Assured Outdoor Bred across our fresh pork range.

With the RSPCA assured farms we work with, this scheme covers aspects of the whole pigs lives and ensures piglets are born outdoors, where the sows are free from confinement and are able to fully express their natural behaviours. They are then raised in well-ventilated, spacious straw barns to RSPCA welfare standards on farms across the UK. These farms also work with an independent third party to measure their performance and to drive long-term improvement. The Co-ops dedicated agriculture team also visit these farms throughout the year, as well as undertaking welfare checks at abattoirs.

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