Co-op Power


Since 1844, it's been the Co-op point of difference to find better ways of doing business.

It's this belief that's made us the biggest energy buying co-operative in the UK. We help businesses to save money and source energy in an ethical, sustainable way.

Energy with integrity: better value for all.

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Together, let's leave our world in a better place

Combining buying power to demand better value has always been at the heart of the Co-op. That's how we’ve saved our members over £100m in energy costs so far.

But it's not just about saving money; we're passionate about helping your business reach its sustainability goals too. We only use 100% REGO certified renewable energy and can advise you on ways to save energy across your operations.

By working together, we can help each other to save money, save on emissions and save the planet. As part of our commitment to zero carbon, we've invested in five new wind farms across the UK and we've already cut our direct carbon impact by 50%.

Six reasons to choose Co-op Power

We're competitive

All Co-op Power members – including the Co-op itself – share the same competitive energy prices and fair terms, so you can save money whilst being more sustainable.

We’re clean

All the electricity we buy is 100% renewable from guaranteed REGO sources, including five wind farms which we’ve developed.

We’re ethical

We make sure our approach to contracts, members and service is good for everyone, especially our transparent management fees.

We’re easy

Our hassle-free support service makes sure you're looked after every step of the way. It's so good, we've won awards for it.

We’re great value

We don't use concealed margins like some brokers. Everything you pay is fair and transparent.

We’re innovative

We're pioneers in using renewable energy. We've also developed some amazingly smart systems to help you be as efficient as possible, from invoice validation and compliance to powerful analytics.

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