Better ways of sourcing and buying


It's been our point of difference since 1844 to champion a better way of doing business and use our buying power to get the best possible value for our members.

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We have a long history of taking the lead on the issues that matter most, from being one of the first businesses to recognise the need to tackle climate change, to our many 'Fairtrade firsts' and our campaigning for social justice.

100% renewable. It's what we do.

So it's no surprise we do this with our energy too. Our buying power means we can make sure our energy is 100% renewable, while still achieving healthy market discounts. It also means we are helping to build the UK's renewable energy capacity, while promoting ethical and sustainable practices.

As part of our commitment to zero carbon, we've invested in five new wind farms across the UK and we’ve already cut our direct carbon impact by 50%.

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