Fairtrade wine: Tilimuqui, Argentina

Tilimuqui, Argentina is just one of the communities Co-op supports around the world by selling Fairtrade.

00:11 When we first came to Tilimuqui over ten years ago
00:14 we found this village in the middle of the desert with none of the basic needs covered.
00:23 I was involved in the community helping people through the sale of the wines.
00:29 But of course, the resources were very limited,
00:32 since we are Fairtrade certified and we started using the logo on the label we started to sell more.
00:37 We started growing with one of our customers, The Co-op in the UK.
00:45 We decided with the first Fairtrade project had to be bringing clean water to the houses in Tilimuqui
01:09 But that was just the beginning, because this allowed us to dream bigger,
01:15 and in 2010 we started building the secondary school.
01:20 Same as for the water project The Co-op decided to double the Fairtrade premium.
01:23 So we finalised the school in five years instead of ten.
02:06 Now we have started to build a medical centre with the constant support from The Co-op and the wine sales.
02:11 And hopefully in three to four years we'll have this clinic ready that will cover
02:16 five villages in the region with about ten thousand that today have no access to healthcare.
02:31 Now they have the tool to build there own future and this is what Fairtrade is about.
02:36 If you give the people what they deserve.
02:53 The story does not end here in Tilimuqui but continues all over the UK.
02:57 It's like The Co-op is a bridge between our community here and so many communities in the UK.