Firebrand Old Vine Grenache



In irrigated areas, viticulture is a drain on valuable water resources, especially for high yielding varieties grown in hot, dry areas. With Firebrand we have actively sought old, dry grown, low yielding bush vines and it is these vines that are the least expensive in terms of environmental inputs. There is no vineyard infrastructure so no need for wooden posts, trellis wires, irrigation tubing or pumps consuming electricity. Furthermore, our growers operate on a sustainable basis, using cover crops and dodge ploughing to reduce weed growth and Vine vigour rather than using herbicides to remove weeds. Old Vines- the Riverland was originally settled by soldiers returning from the world wars and some of them planted vineyards. Though many of these original vineyards have long since been lost, some remain. These older vines yield less, use less water and produce higher quality. Previously no value has been attached to this fruit but through our partners old vine programme we are creating more value and, as a result, able to pay the growers a more sustainable price for the fruit. The maintenance of these old vineyards means that expensive, resource hungry new vineyards do not need to be planted. This old vine Grenache produces beautifully elegant, aromatic fruit. A moreish red that possesses intensity and lightness in equal measure. Pair this wine with grilled meats and poultry or match with less spicy styles of Asian cooking.

Alcohol - 14.5%

Grape - Grenache

Brand - Firebrand

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