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Gluten free chocolate banana bars

Gluten free chocolate banana bars


Cocoa is a great kitchen staple for chocolatey desserts

  • Feeds 8 Feeds 8
  • Ready in 25 minutes

Each serving contains

  • Energy
    310kj 74kcal
  • Fat
    Med 4%
  • Saturates
    Med 8%
  • Sugar
    Med 4%
  • Salt
    Med 4%

% of adult’s reference intake | Carbohydrates per serving : 9g


  • 2 ripe Co-op Fairtrade bananas
  • 1 large Co-op British egg
  • 50g Co-op Fairtrade cocoa powder
  • 20g Co-op milk chocolate buttons (Fairtrade), chopped


  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C/fan 180°C/Gas 6
  2. Grease a 20cm x 20cm cake tin and line with greaseproof paper
  3. Mash the bananas in a bowl until smooth, then whisk in the egg
  4. Gradually add the cocoa and mix until smooth, then stir in the chocolate buttons
  5. Pour the mixture into the tin and even out the top
  6. Bake for 15 mins, allow to cool in the tin, then remove and cut into 8 bars