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Mincemeat and marzipan tart

Mincemeat and marzipan tart


This festive tart couldn't be easier, with jarred mincemeat and ready-made pastry

  • Feeds 10 Feeds 10
  • Ready in 55 minutes

Each serving contains

  • Energy
    1202kj 287kcal
  • Fat
    Med 19%
  • Saturates
    High 21%
  • Sugar
    High 19%
  • Salt
    Med 19%

% of adult’s reference intake | Carbohydrates per serving : 39g

Bring Co-op to your front door

Big Bag Option


  • 320g pack puff pastry, at room temperature
  • 300g Co-op mincemeat
  • 125g Co-op marzipan
  • 1 Co-op British egg, lightly beaten
  • Serve with Co-op double cream (optional)


  1. Preheat a baking tray in a 200C/fan 180C/Gas 6 oven
  2. Lightly roll the pastry in both directions until it’s about the thickness of a 50p coin
  3. Cut a 23cm circle out and use it to line a shallow, round 19cm cake tin. Ease the pastry gently into the corners of the tin, letting it overhang slightly at the edges
  4. Cut the rest of the pastry into 1cm wide strips
  5. Spread the mincemeat onto the pastry, then cut the marzipan into pea-sized cubes, and scatter evenly over the top
  6. Brush the edge of the pastry case with beaten egg and weave the strips across the top, letting them hang over the edges of the tin and leaving a 2cm gap between each
  7. Gently press the strips of pastry into the edge of the tart to seal, trim off any excess with a knife and brush the top with beaten egg
  8. Place the tart on the hot baking tray and bake for 30–35 mins
  9. Leave to cool for at least 15 mins before serving with whipped double cream, if you like

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