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Nut and oat bites

Nut and oat bites

Revising? Oats offer slow-release energy that will keep you alert for longer

  • Feeds 20Feeds 20
  • Ready in 1 hour 10 minutes

Each serving contains

  • Energy
    629kj 151kcal
  • Fat
    High 12%
  • Saturates
    Med 6%
  • Sugar
    Med 12%
  • Salt
    Low 12%

% of adult’s reference intake | Carbohydrates per serving : 13g


  • 200g Co-op smooth peanut butter
  • 150g Co-op clear honey
  • 75g almonds, or any other nuts you fancy, chopped
  • 200g Co-op oats


  1. Grease a 20cm x 25cm baking tin and line with greaseproof paper
  2. Melt the peanut butter and honey in a saucepan over a low heat, then add the nuts and oats
  3. Mix, spoon into the tin and chill for 1 hour before cutting into 20 squares