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Sea salt & chardonnay wine vinegar crisp-coated scotch eggs

Sea salt & chardonnay wine vinegar crisp-coated scotch eggs


Put our legendary crisps to work in a moreishly crunchy coating for these special Scotch eggs

  • Feeds 4 Feeds 4
  • Ready in 50 minutes

Each serving contains

  • Energy
    3056kj 734kcal
  • Fat
    High 73%
  • Saturates
    High 59%
  • Sugar
    Low 6%
  • Salt
    High 46%

% of adult’s reference intake | Carbohydrates per serving : 38g

Bring Co-op to your front door

Big Bag Option


  • 6 Co-op British eggs, 2 beaten 400g pack Co-op Irresistible pork sausages
  • 150g pack Co-op Irresistible sea salt & Chardonnay wine vinegar crisps
  • 40g leftover white bread, torn 50g Co-op plain white flour Sunflower or vegetable oil, for deep frying
  • Tomato ketchup, to serve


  1. Cook the four whole eggs in a pan of simmering water for 6 mins, then put into a bowl of ice water
  2. Leave to cool for 5 mins, then carefully peel
  3. Squeeze the sausages out of their skins, then break up the meat with a fork, mixing it together, and season with black pepper
  4. Wet your hands, then take a quarter of the meat and flatten into an oval shape in the palm of your hand
  5. Put a peeled egg in the centre and shape the meat around it
  6. Repeat with the rest of the eggs, then chill for at least 15 mins Meanwhile, make the coating
  7. In a food processor, blitz the crisps and bread into chunky crumbs
  8. Put the beaten egg, flour and crumbs into three separate shallow bowls
  9. Fill a large saucepan two-thirds full with the oil and heat to 180°C, or until a cube of bread dropped in turns golden in about 30 seconds
  10. Coat each chilled egg in the flour, then the egg, then repeat in the flour and egg again
  11. Finally, roll the eggs in the crumbs until well coated
  12. Deep-fry two eggs at a time for 6-8 mins, turning regularly, until golden
  13. Drain on kitchen paper, then leave to cool for 5 mins
  14. Slice in half and serve with ketchup on the side

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