Use this form to let us know of a building or site that you think would make a good place for a new Co-op food store.

If you're enquiring about an existing Co-op store, email

For us to open a Co-op store ideally we’re looking for sites that are:

  • in a residential area with lots of houses nearby
  • on a busy road with lots of people walking past
  • close to universities, offices and transport hubs like busy train stations.
  • big enough for a shop and a few parking spaces
  • in areas where there aren't many other convenience shops nearby
  • available for sale or to let

We will only look at opening stores in areas where we think:

  • a Co-op will be of benefit to the local community
  • there will be enough trade to make the cost of running a store worthwhile

If you’re a Co-op Member we offer a reward in Co-op vouchers if you suggest a site that we're not already aware of and we open a store there, based on your recommendation. Read the full reward terms and conditions.

Your proposed site

Including unit number (if relevant), building number, and street

To do this type the location into google maps and copy the link to the map you get here.