1. The Co-op saving stamps book can only be used for Co-op Food £1 saving stamps.

  2. Full or part completed books can be redeemed at any time against purchase of goods (excluding cigarettes and tobacco, lottery purchases, phone cards, coffee shop, instore concessions, first stage baby milk products, fuel, postage stamps, gift cards and vouchers, PayPoint, all carrier bags (including single use and reusable bags) and newspaper deliveries).

  3. Saving stamps cannot be redeemed in store for cash. Change will only be given up to 99p for part payment with a saving stamp.

  4. A completed book with £48 worth of saving stamps, when redeemed in December, is worth £50. NOTE partially completed or partially redeemed books do not qualify for the £2 bonus.

  5. Savings stamps may only be redeemed in the stores of the co-operative society from which they were purchased. For the avoidance of doubt, savings stamps sold in Co-operative Group Food Limited stores may only be redeemed at Co-operative Group Food Limited stores.

  6. When you have completed the saving stamps book, or saved all you want, simply hand it to a Co-op cashier when you shop. The amount saved (plus £2 if you are redeeming the full amount of £48 in saving stamps in December) will be deducted from your shopping bill (subject to the restrictions set out in paragraph 2 above).

  7. ENSURE YOU KEEP YOUR SAVING STAMP BOOK SAFE as Co-operative Group Food Limited is not responsible for lost books and you will be unable to redeem your saving stamps without a valid saving stamp book.

  8. If we believe that your saving stamps book or your saving stamps have been copied or otherwise replicated or we otherwise suspect that your claim is fraudulent or not genuine, we reserve the right to refuse redemption of your saving stamps.

  9. In these terms and conditions, references to "your money" means the money you use to purchase savings stamps.

  10. Your money is transferred by the Co-operative Group Food Limited to be pooled with other money and held by a trustee who is independent of the Co-operative Group. The trust structure is intended to offer protection for your money if Co-operative Group Food Limited becomes insolvent, but it does not guarantee that you will receive 100% of your money in the event of an insolvency. The detailed terms of the trust are available on our website, but please note the following:
    a. any interest on the monies held in the trust fund is held absolutely for Co-operative Group Food Limited and your money does not accrue interest;
    b. the trustee holds the trust fund subject to the costs of administering the trust and subject to Co-operative Group Food Limited's entitlement to any surplus after the saving stamps for any year have been redeemed;
    c. on any insolvency of Co-operative Group Food Limited (or the occurrence of a termination event as more fully set out in the trust deed) the trustee will discharge the costs of winding up the trust fund and take steps to distribute the balance of the trust fund to customers in possession of valid unredeemed stamps in proportion to the value that each customer's unredeemed saving stamps bear to the amount in the trust fund, save that no customer shall be entitled to recover more than the value of their unredeemed saving stamps; and
    d. you are not entitled to claim your money directly from the trust fund other than on an insolvency of Co-operative Group Food Limited and in accordance with the terms of the trust deed.

  11. If your saving stamps remain unredeemed for 3 years from the end of the year in which you purchased those stamps, Co-operative Group Food Limited is entitled to claim the money remaining in the trust relating to that year, for its own account. You will still be able to redeem the stamps in later years (subject to these terms and conditions) but your money for that year will not be protected in the event of an insolvency of Co-operative Group Food Limited (as it will be outside the trust protection afforded by this scheme).

  12. This scheme is only available to customers of Co-operative Group Food Limited. Similar schemes are run by other co-operative societies. For details of your nearest Co-op Food store please visit our website.