You can use our offers instore only. You can use them to get free items or discounts if:

  • you have activated your offer
  • you successfully swipe your membership card before paying
  • your offer has not expired
  • you're buying the item(s) from a Co‑op Food store owned by Co‑operative Group Limited or from an outlet where Co‑operative Group coupons are stated to be accepted
  • you're buying the item specified in an offer

The offers you're entitled to are only the ones you have activated using the Co‑op website or app. They cannot be transferred to anyone else, or exchanged for cash. You can only use the offer once and no change will be given.

Discount offers are usually applied after taking into account any other discount used in the same transaction such as a Co‑op colleague member card, NUS Extra card, NUS Apprentice card or a Young Scot card.

If a digital offer depends on you spending a minimum total amount (for example “50p off when you spend £5 or more”) then this minimum spend must be met after any other offers or discounts are applied.

The following items are not included in any offers or total spend:

  • items bought online
  • fuel
  • first stage baby milk
  • postage stamps
  • lottery purchases
  • gift cards and vouchers
  • phone cards
  • in‑store concessions
  • PayPoint
  • cigarettes and tobacco
  • saving stamps
  • newspaper deliveries
  • carrier bags
  • mobile phone top ups
  • prescription medicines

We must legally charge you the minimum selling price for alcohol. Depending on exactly what products you buy in the transaction, this may mean you will not receive the full value of certain discount offers or the offer may be rejected for some transactions.

We can cancel offers at any time without notice. We can also stop anyone from using the discount if we suspect they've done something fraudulent, are in breach of these terms and conditions or are being dishonest.

Promoter: Co‑operative Group Food Limited, 1 Angel Square, Manchester, M60 0AG.