The way we treat suppliers is founded on a set of values and principles describing a fairer and better way of doing business.

We are also governed by Groceries Supply Code of Practice. 

Fairness by law

The Government introduced the Groceries Supply Code of Practice (GSCOP) in February 2010. The code protects suppliers from unfair commercial practices.

The code covers the sale of groceries including:

  • food
  • pet food
  • drinks
  • cleaning products
  • toiletries
  • household products

There are ten grocery retailers including ourselves governed by the code.

Visit to view the Groceries Supply Code of Practice.

Give us feedback

Saleem Chowdhery is our Code Compliance Officer and he is here to make sure we are treating suppliers fairly.

If you have a query, concern or any feedback email:

Or write to:

The Code Compliance Officer
The Co-operative Group
1 Angel Square
M60 0AG