What is Social Hub?

Social Hub features content from across our Co-op. From our latest Membership campaigns, to news about the work we’re doing for the community, to updates from our Funeralcare, Insurance and Legal business units, Social Hub is the place to be for colleagues to share approved Co-op content. Colleagues can also win prizes as an incentive for using Social Hub!

Read our step-by-step Social Hub guide for top tips on how to get the most out of using it.

What are the prizes and how do they work?

Every time you log in to Social Hub & share a piece of content, you are awarded points. Each month, all colleagues who have earned a minimum of 10 points the prior month will be placed into a random prize draw to win prizes from £5 to £20 on Colleagues’ Membership cards. We also award £20 to the colleague with the most Reach and £20 to the colleague with the most engagements as well as offering exclusive branded prizes such as products and vouchers.

How do I login?

Social Hub is accessed through SSO (Single Sign On) for Co-op colleagues and Social Media credentials for those without a Co-op employee number.

For Co-op colleagues, these are the same details you use to access MyApps and Outlook emails. Your username is your colleague employee number. When creating an account, you’ll be asked some screening questions.

I’m having trouble logging in/can’t remember my SSO password.

Click ‘Problems signing in?’ and follow the instructions to reset your password. If you still experience problems, try using a different browser or clearing your cache/cookies, and refreshing the page.

What browsers are supported?

Social Hub is compatible with the current version and one most recent version of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome browsers on both Mac, PC and Smartphone. Internet Explorer is not supported but Microsoft Edge is.

Is there an app?

There sure is! Download Sprinklr Extend from either the Apple or Android app store. You’ll be prompted to Enter Company Name – enter coopsocialhub, then continue to sign in using the information above.

When/where should I use it?

To share content from Social Hub, you’re required to connect your social media accounts. Social Hub is a voluntary tool to help colleagues share Co-op news and talk about Co-op when they want to on their personal social media accounts.

Social Hub is not supported by Co-op devices and networks and should only be logged in to on your own personal device, outside of work hours.

Please remember to follow the Co-op Colleague Social Media Policy when you do share.

Where can I share content to?

You can share content on Facebook Profiles and Groups, Instagram Feed and LinkedIn, we choose the channels that we recommend sharing content to, not all channels will be selected for all content themes. Please refer to the colleague social media policy for pointers on what social media platforms we’d recommend you using.

What about my privacy?

Social Hub does not collect data from individuals accounts.

I still need help, who do I contact?

Please email social@coop.co.uk and we’ll come back to you.

Please follow the Co-op Colleague Social Media Policies every time you share on social media.

Visit Social Hub.