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Exploring Ethical Tech | Data Discovery Workshop

Join us in Exploring Ethical Tech with a focus on design and development on the fourth day of our Digital City Fringe Festival.

As a rapidly growing tech hub and socially progressive region, Greater Manchester has the potential to establish itself on a global stage as an examplar for tech ethics. The region has thriving tech for good scene embodied through pro-active community at Tech for Good Live, as well as establishing itself as a progressive centre for civic tech, with Salford planning to establish itself as a world-leading SmartCity, and two security hubs being established at the University of Manchester and Manchester Digital.

Collaboration, innovation and an inclusive economy are central to the region’s ambitions, and so designing, developing and deploying tech that goes beyond industry to consider people, communities, society and the environment is essential to the region’s future. Sponsored by the Co-op Foundation and Luminate, and building on The Federation’s work to educate and upskill organisations in responsible tech practice, the Exploring Ethical Tech fringe festival aims to bring ethical tech to the heart of the city’s Digital City programme, and engage Greater Manchester’s tech ecosystem in our work to bring the humanity back to tech.

The Data Management Discovery Workshop has been created as a more human approach to understanding the myriad of devices, software and processors that your research data moves through - helping you to see a clearer picture of how its done across your teams. Understand any potential risks you might and see how you could address any unmet needs.


  • A map of how data moves through your process

  • Understand and identify potential risks

  • Reflect as a team and think about how you might adapt

  • Write better policy documents and informed consent

Consent Kit removes the friction for researchers to manage their research data and informed consent while saving significant amounts of time.

Designed to efficiently address the practical challenges of creating and scaling an informed consent and data management process, consistently across your organisation.

From implementation to everyday use - Consent Kit enable you to build trust through transparency with the people you’re learning from.

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