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Exploring Ethical Tech | Mapping GM's Ethical Tech Ecosystem

Join us in Exploring Ethical Tech with a focus on decision making on the fifth day of our Digital City Fringe Festival.

As a rapidly growing tech hub and socially progressive region, Greater Manchester has the potential to establish itself on a global stage as an examplar for tech ethics. The region has thriving tech for good scene embodied through pro-active community at Tech for Good Live, as well as establishing itself as a progressive centre for civic tech, with Salford planning to establish itself as a world-leading SmartCity, and two security hubs being established at the University of Manchester and Manchester Digital.

Collaboration, innovation and an inclusive economy are central to the region’s ambitions, and so designing, developing and deploying tech that goes beyond industry to consider people, communities, society and the environment is essential to the region’s future. Sponsored by the Co-op Foundation and Luminate, and building on The Federation’s work to educate and upskill organisations in responsible tech practice, the Exploring Ethical Tech fringe festival aims to bring ethical tech to the heart of the city’s Digital City programme, and engage Greater Manchester’s tech ecosystem in our work to bring the humanity back to tech.

There are a lot of people in Manchester working to make the tech sector more responsible and also those working to create tech solutions that are for social good. We’re going to start to map out who’s doing this work, what resources they are using and what support we need to make this work flourish. This could help us with more local procurement, allow us to spot gaps to work on collaborative solutions, decrease duplication of effort. __

It’s a big task, but we’ll start the process in this very practical session. Are you someone with a big network? Join in! Are you someone who knows how they might benefit from this? Come along. Are you a data, mapping and IA geek? See you there.

Reply is a research and design agency that works with individuals and organisations that want to create social change. That might be charities, social entrepreneurs, government, funders, trainers, co-operatives, social enterprises, or corporate social responsibility departments. Our team has over twenty years of experience in research and design on world class, and award-winning, projects with household name clients. We work to design the right products, initiatives and services for the right problems.

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